Excel Thank You







Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used to store & retrieve numerical data in grid format of columns & rows.

Excel is ideal for calculating & analysing company data such as sales figures, taxation or commissions.

Although Word has some graphical and calculation capability, Excel offers far more tools for calculating trends, deciphering profits, creating numerical formats and visual data such as a pie chart or comparative bar graph.

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Macros can be created to avoid a lot of lengthy data entry functions, in effect improving the rate at which your staff completes everyday jobs.

Graphs and Charts

Your employees will learn secrets to creating amazing, eye-catching graphs and charts that don’t take hours to complete.

Safety & Security

Information protection is a key factor in all companies today. With a small amount of training, we will educate your staff to create first-rate passwords and how to password protect your priceless documents in Microsoft Excel.

Benefits of Intermediate Microsoft Excel Training and Beyond

If your employees already make the most of Microsoft Excel and understand the basics, then intermediate or advanced Excel training courses will teach them the creation of detailed worksheets, invoices, graphs, charts and the use of complex formulas to attain professional outcome in a fraction of the time.

Choosing the Right Excel Training Program

Whether you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced Excel training program, you won’t be disappointed in the end result. Your employees will learn valuable tips and tricks to improve their productivity, efficiency and your bottom line.