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Developing advanced skills in MS Access 2010 is essential if you’re working with large sets of data. Access is a powerful tool in the right hands to take your current skills to the next level with this in-depth course.

The MS Access 2010 Advanced Training Course provides understanding and skill development in SQL and Access, advanced macros, database management, data validation, crosstab queries, and more. This course allows participants to develop expertise in Access 2010 in a short period of time.

This dynamic training course is now available in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

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Who Should Attend

This course caters for people who have attended the Access Intermediate course or have a comprehensive working knowledge of Access.

They should be confident in designing tables, forms, queries and reports.

Upon completion of this Advanced Access course students will be able to create and run action queries, build crosstab queries, create calculations in forms, create pivot tables and charts as well as being able to work confidently with properties and expressions in forms, reports and queries.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of relationships, cascade update and delete options when designing the relationships of an Access database.

This course also covers basic macro design and an introduction to the concept and use of VBA in Access database design.

Learning Outcomes - Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced Training Course

  • Design a relational database.
  • Join tables to retrieve data from unrelated tables.
  • Organise a database for efficiency, performance, and to maintain data integrity.
  • Share data between Access and other applications.
  • Customise reports to organise the displayed information and produce specific print layouts.

Course Content - Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced Training Course

Lesson 1: Personalising Your Email
Topic A: Apply Stationery and Themes
Topic B: Create a Custom Theme
Topic C: Create a Signature
Topic D: Modify Signatures
Topic E: Configure Email Message Security Settings

Lesson 2: Organising Outlook Items
Topic A: Group Items
Topic B: Create Search Folders
Topic C: Apply Conditional Formatting

Lesson 3: Managing Outlook Data Files
Topic A: Back Up Outlook Items in Outlook Data Files
Topic B: Add Outlook Data Files to a Mail Profile
Topic C: Change Data File Settings

Lesson 4: Managing Contacts and Contact Information
Topic A: Forward Contacts
Topic B: Edit an Electronic Business Card
Topic C: Export Contacts
Topic D: Perform a Mail Merge
Topic E: Link Items to the Business Contact Manager

Lesson 5: Saving and Archiving Email
Topic A: Save Messages in Alternate Formats
Topic B: Archive Messages
Topic C: Protect Archives and Other Personal Folders

Lesson 6: Creating a Custom Outlook Form
Topic A: Customise a Form
Topic B: Create Outlook Items Based on a Custom Form

Lesson 7: Working Offline and Remotely
Topic A: Make Folders Available Offline
Topic B: Configure Remote Procedure Calls over HTTP
Topic C: Download Selected Messages
Topic D: Publish Calendar Information to Office Online