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This third and final course in the Excel 2010 series really helps participants to tie the previous two courses together and elevate Excel skills to an expert level.

The MS Excel 2010 Advanced Training Course provides topics like logical functions, mathematical & statistical functions, VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX and editing VBA functions, are covered in depth.

This dynamic training course is available now Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

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Who Should Attend

The Excel Advanced course assumes students are confident in working with Excel and the spreadsheet environment. Students will want to learn more functions available to them other than the standard sum function.

Typically in their workplace, they are required to use Excel a great deal to evaluate, extract and analyse results and desire techniques to automate tasks.

They may also have an interest in gaining a basic knowledge of VBA code to understand macros more fully.

As a result of this course, students will be able to use a variety of lookup, logical, financial and statistical functions.

Analytical features of the Goal Seek, Scenario Manager will be demonstrated, and students will gain exposure to Macros including an introduction to VBA code.

Learning Outcomes - Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Training Course

  • Automate worksheet functions.
  • Audit worksheets.
  • Analyse data.
  • Work with multiple workbooks.
  • Import and export data.

Course Content - Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Training Course

Lesson 1: Automating Worksheet Functionality
Topic A: Update Workbook Properties
Topic B: Create and Edit a Macro
Topic C: Apply Conditional Formatting
Topic D: Add Data Validation Criteria

Lesson 2: Auditing Worksheets
Topic A: Trace Cells
Topic B: Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formula Errors
Topic C: Watch and Evaluate Formula's
Topic D: Create a Data List Outline

Lesson 3: Analysing Data
Topic A: Create Sparklines
Topic B: Create Scenarios
Topic C: Perform a What-If Analysis
Topic D: Perform a Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

Lesson 4: Working with Multiple Workbooks
Topic A: Create a Workspace
Topic B: Consolidate Data
Topic C: Link Cells In Different Workbooks
Topic D: Merge Workbooks