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The Excel 2010 Intermediate course is the second course in the MS Excel 2010 series and provides users with a wider range of tools and skills to create functional spreadsheets and reports.

The intermediate level course teaches key skills like how to link multiple worksheets, how to use conditional formatting using the “If” function, creating and working with tables, creating filters and sorting and protecting worksheets.

This dynamic training course is available now Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

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Who Should Attend

The Excel Intermediate course is suited to students who have either attended a basic course in Excel or spreadsheet training, or those who have been working experience with Excel and have a basic understanding of the features of Excel.

Students attending this course are working with large amounts of data and are required to manipulate it to quickly locate information.

They are looking for techniques to speed up their processes to manage and manipulate the lists of data they are required to work with. They are familiar with basic formulas and want to implement them more effectively.

As a result of this course, students will be able to manage multiple workbooks including construction of formulas across worksheets.

They will learn how to utilise Excels advanced formatting features, manage large amounts of data and work with the sorting, filtering, outlining and subtotal tools.

Competency will be gained in advanced charting, auditing techniques and templates.

Learning Outcomes - Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate Training Course

  • Create advanced formulas.
  • Analyse data with logical and lookup functions.
  • Organise worksheet data with tables.
  • Visualise data by using charts.
  • Analysing data with Pivot Tables, Slicers, and Pivot Charts.
  • Insert graphic objects.
  • Enhance workbooks.
  • Create scenarios
  • Run and record macros
  • Edit VBA modules
  • Create custom functions

Course Content - Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate Training Course

Lesson 1: Creating Advanced Formulas
Topic A: Apply Range Names
Topic B: Use Specialised Functions

Lesson 2: Analysing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions
Topic A: Leverage Questions and Testing to Write Formulas
Topic B: Use Logical and Lookup Functions to Find Answers to Questions

Lesson 3: Organising Worksheet Data with Tables
Topic A: Create and Modify Tables
Topic B: Sort and Filter Data
Topic C: Use Summary and Database Functions to Calculate Data

Lesson 4: Visualising Data with Charts
Topic A: Create Charts
Topic B: Modify and Format Charts
Topic C: Create a Trendline
Topic D: Create Advanced Charts

Lesson 5: Analysing Data with Pivot Tables, Slicers, and Pivot Charts
Topic A: Create a Pivot Table
Topic B: Filter Data Using Slicers
Topic C: Analyse Data Using Pivot Charts

Lesson 6: Inserting Graphics
Topic A: Insert and Modify Graphic Objects
Topic B: Layer and Group Graphic Objects
Topic C: Incorporate SmartArt

Lesson 7: Enhancing Workbooks
Topic A: Customise Workbooks
Topic B: Manage Themes
Topic C: Create and Use Templates
Topic D: Protect Files