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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes file management with attachments, calendar scheduling, task manager, contact manager and journal.

Receiving and sending emails through POP3 or IMAP including filing and managing of correspondences.

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Microsoft Outlook is a very practical software tool used to organise company information including schedules of various employees via group planning and calendar functions.

Microsoft Outlook is known the world over for its email functionality.

What can Microsoft Outlook Do?

Microsoft Outlook is more than just a method to receive and send emails. Creating and editing documents, formatting text, inserting attachments such as pictures and custom signatures are all part of Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook in various versions all encompass sophisticated messaging and database properties. Microsoft Outlook calendar and appointment features allow your employees to load appointments and reminders, record information about tasks to be completed, track addresses, phone numbers and maintain all the essential information that your employees consider to be within the purview of their daily assignments.

Coordinate all your staff's emails and scheduling through the Microsoft Office professional suite instead of home edition. One of the powerful features of Microsoft Outlook is its compatibility with the other Microsoft Office programs so the importing and exporting of data and the smoothness of integration between the various programs such as Excel and Word is highly functional and thus saves time.

Which Microsoft Word Version Should I Use?

Your primary consideration is to understand the differences between the various options of Microsoft Word. If you are running a small business and currently have on your computers Microsoft Word 2003, then it might be very expensive to upgrade to Microsoft Word 2010 if the new features and its cost for both training and software purchase are not outweighed by the benefits of the improvements to your business.

Microsoft Word 2016 has features acknowledging mobile devices, virtual platforms and is more sensitive to the latest technology has to offer and its subsequent relationship with the new Microsoft Office 2016 suite in general. Microsoft Word 2016 uses an Access Jet Database Engine.

This means that you can only work with many of the Microsoft Access 2013 features online. Not a great idea for the South African market. With our limited bandwidth and slow internet speeds, this new version is sure to be costly and highly aggravating.

Most South African companies use Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Word 20013. Microsoft Outlook 2013 has also been created as a standalone version and there are also versions created solely for the Apple Macintosh user.

Why go on a Microsoft Outlook course with us?

Microsoft Outlook is so much more than a way to send and receive an email. Your company is judged by its written correspondence. Poor correspondence or even an unorganised filing system for both emails and appointments can have disastrous consequences.

Having a staff member miss a meeting with a client or not being able to find a legal document creates stress and mismanagement. Have your employees learn to use the full potential of Microsoft Outlook with our three levels of training.

We offer three levels of Microsoft Outlook training courses in

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 365

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