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This Outlook 2010 series was developed to elevate your Outlook skills to an expert level.

The Microsoft Outlook 2010 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course empowers you with a deep understanding and skills in archiving email, staying informed by subscribing to RSS feeds, staying connected to colleagues, delegating access to calendars and contacts, using mail merge to send email messages to numerous contacts at once and much more.

This highly valuable and practical training course is now available in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

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Who Should Attend

The Outlook Intermediate-Advanced course assumes students are confident in working with Microsoft Outlook and the email environment.

Students will need to be able to navigate in Outlook including the calendar, compose and reply to an email, and understand formatting and printing options.

Students undertaking this course will learn how to manage large amounts of emails, automate tasks using quick steps and rules, utilise categories and search folders, send meeting requests, use various advanced techniques to find, manage and follow up Outlook items such as emails, contacts and tasks as well as customise the Outlook environment.

Learning Outcomes - Microsoft Outlook 2010 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course

  • Configure advanced message options.
  • Perform advanced message management tasks.
  • Perform advanced calendar management tasks.
  • Perform advanced contact management tasks.
  • Manage activities by using tasks and Journal entries.
  • Share Outlook workspaces with other users.
  • Manage Outlook data files.

Course Content - Microsoft Outlook 2010 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course

Lesson 1: Configure Advanced Message Options
Topic A: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
Topic B: Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options
Topic C: Use Automatic Replies

Lesson 2: Advanced Message Management
Topic A: Sort Messages
Topic B: Filter Messages
Topic C: Organise Messages
Topic D: Search Messages
Topic E: Manage Junk Mail
Topic F: Manage Your Mailbox

Lesson 3: Advanced Calendar Management
Topic A: Manage Advanced Calendar Options
Topic B: Manage Availability Options
Topic C: Create Calendar Groups
Topic D: Manage Meeting Responses

Lesson 4: Advanced Contact Management
Topic A: Edit an Electronic Business Card
Topic B: Manage Advanced Contacts Options
Topic C: Forward Contacts
Topic D: Export Contacts

Lesson 5: Managing Activities by Using Tasks and Journal Entries
Topic A: Assign and Manage Tasks
Topic B: Record and Modify Journal Entries

Lesson 6: Sharing Workspaces with Others
Topic A: Delegate Access to Mail Folders
Topic B: Share Your Calendar
Topic C: Share Your Contacts

Lesson 7: Managing Outlook Data Files
Topic A: Back Up Outlook Items
Topic B: Change Data File Settings