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Developing advanced skills in MS Outlook 2013 requires an in-depth understanding of customising profiles, managing and merging data, performing complex calendar tasks, using advanced email tasks and more.

The Microsoft Outlook 2013 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course empowers participants with a deep understanding and the skills required to implement the more advanced functions of Outlook 2013 so you can communicate, collaborate and manage your tasks much more efficiently.

This highly valuable and practical training course is now available in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town.

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Who Should Attend

This course is for regular users who are seeking to learn skills and techniques to use the program more effectively.

Participants will share folders, schedule and manage meetings, organise mail folders and explore message options and set up tasks.

Learning Outcomes - Microsoft Outlook 2013 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course

This extensive training course helps participants develop advanced skills in Outlook 2013 through understanding and practice so that they gain mastery over it.

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

  • Configure advanced message options.
  • Perform advanced message management tasks.
  • Perform advanced calendar management tasks.
  • Perform advanced contact management tasks.
  • Manage activities by using tasks and journal entries.
  • Share Outlook workspaces with other users.
  • Manage Outlook data files.

Course Content - Microsoft Outlook 2013 Intermediate-Advanced Training Course

Lesson 1: Configure Advanced Message Options
Topic A: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
Topic B: Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options
Topic C: Use Automatic Replies

Lesson 2: Advanced Message Management
Topic A: Sort Messages
Topic B: Filter Messages
Topic C: Organise Messages
Topic D: Search Messages
Topic E: Manage Junk Mail
Topic F: Manage Your Mailbox

Lesson 3: Advanced Calendar Management
Topic A: Manage Advanced Calendar Options
Topic B: Create Calendar Groups
Topic C: Manage Meeting Responses

Lesson 4: Advanced Contact Management
Topic A: Edit an Electronic Business Card
Topic B: Manage Advanced Contacts Options
Topic C: Forward Contacts
Topic D: Export Contacts

Lesson 5: Managing Activities by Using Tasks and Journal Entries
Topic A: Assign and Manage Tasks
Topic B: Record and Modify Journal Entries

Lesson 6: Sharing Workspaces with Others
Topic A: Delegate Access to Mail Folders
Topic B: Share Your Calendar
Topic C: Share Your Contacts

Lesson 7: Managing Outlook Data Files
Topic A: Back Up Outlook Items
Topic B: Change Data File Settings